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COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Added Measures and Protocols at Premier Dentistry – Charlotte, NC

The safety and well-being of our patients and team members has always been our number one priority. Currently, we are allowing a very limited number of patients in our office at one time.

In addition to our routine sterilization and disinfecting practices that we had implemented since the first we opened in 2013, we are also taking the following added measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

1- All patients are screened on the phone and in person when they arrive.
2- Patients are asked to remain in the car, and are only allowed in one at the time to reduce the number of people in the office at one time.
3- Only one patient is seen at a time and/or appointment times are staggered by 30 minutes.
4- All surfaces are being wiped down after every patient.
5-While we have always used medical HEPA grade, MERV 13 air filters, we have now added an air sanitizer that uses ionization to sanitize and clean the air throughout our office.  (see images below for the filter specs)
6- All magazines, waters bottles and brochures in the waiting room have been removed.
7- All staff and patients are required to wear a face mask at all times.
8- Only patients receiving treatment are allowed to enter the office. Friends, family or companions are no longer allowed to enter, unless for children under the age of 18 in certain circumstances.

If you or someone you have been around in the past 2 weeks has been tested positive for COVID-19, or if you have fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, body aches, or chills please let us know ASAP by calling our office. Do NOT come in (even if you have an appointment), as you will be asked to return home.

Our COVID-19 policies and practices are being constantly updated to be on par with CDC, ADA and NC Dental Board guidelines. If you have specific questions about something, please do not hesitate to please call us.

Thank you.

Is It A Toothache?


Have you ever had agonizing pain that just won’t go away? It’s possible you could have a toothache. Toothaches can come and go, but shouldn’t be overlooked. They can cause disruption throughout your day and night. Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte understands the importance of recognizing a toothache and the importance of treating.

What causes a toothache?
• Grinding or bruxism
• A chipped or broken tooth
• Severe tooth decay
• An abscessed tooth

Understanding the severity of a toothache is important. A stabbing pain can be related to a cracked tooth or decay. A throbbing pain is typically associated with a dental infection. A dental infection needs immediate diagnosis and treatment. Every year thousands of people die from dental infections and Premier Dentistry wants our patients and the community to understand how serious a dental infection is.

A slight discomfort from hot or cold drinks is usually related to receding gums. The area of the tooth not protected by the gums can be sensitive to hot or cold. Your dentist will be able to assist with evaluating and treatment options for receding gums.

Toothaches may be more persistent at times, and most of the time at night. However, you should not overlook a toothache. Waiting to see a dental professional can cause the possible infection to become more severe.

Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte believes strongly in preventative care. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, daily flossing and routine dental check-ups and cleanings. Generally toothaches can be prevented, but when it happens it is important to call your dental provider. Schedule your appointment today with Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte.

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April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month

oral cancer awareness

April is oral cancer awareness month and like any type of cancer awareness is key to early diagnosis. Oral Cancer is cancer that develops anywhere in the mouth. It appears as a sore or growth that doesn’t disappear. If it’s not treated early it could be life-threatening. Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC wants to educate you on some of the risks, symptoms, preventions, and treatment options for oral cancer.

Risk Factors:
Your risks might be increased if you: smoke or chew tobacco, drink an excessive amount of alcohol, are older than 55, have a certain type of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), have a weakened immune system caused by certain medications, have a specific inherited condition of the blood, are exposed to sunlight for long periods, have lichen planus, or have GVHD.

Symptoms could include: losing your voice for a long amount of time (hoarseness), a lump appearing that can be felt inside the mouth or on the neck, white or red patches on your mouth lining, tongue, or lips, difficulty or pain when chewing, speaking, or swallowing.

Oral Cancer is an easily preventable disease and if caught early, treatable. A few ways you can prevent oral cancer is avoiding the use of tobacco, limiting alcohol, using lip balm with SPF, and trying to stay out of the sun.
If you think that you may have oral cancer, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC or your local dentist about an oral cancer screening.

Oral cancer screenings are routinely done at your routine dental visit checkups. If you have a symptom or area of concern please bring it to the attention of your dentist.

Are you looking for a great dentist in the Charlotte area, call Premier Dentistry today and schedule your visit.


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Dental Facts


5 Fast Facts About Your Teeth!

Our teeth are more than just bone in our mouth, they help us communicate emotion, chew, speak, and even act as an accessory – have you ever heard the quote “you are never fully dressed without a smile”? Sometimes we forget about their significance, so we have come up with some “tooth truths” to remind us how teeth are really amazing!

1. People began polishing their teeth in 5000 B.C.
Leave it to the Egyptians! At around 5,000 B.C., by using crushed eggshells (full of calcium by the way) and ground hooves, the Egyptians began cleaning and polishing their teeth! Fast forward to the 1700’s when a British inventor created the first toothbrush with a bone handle and boar bristles!

2. Teeth and trees have a lot in common!
Just as tree bark and the rings inside a tree tell its story, age, and whether it is diseased, dental experts can tell a great deal about us just by examining our teeth. Teeth reveal our age, how we eat, and even carry environmental markers about where we have lived on Earth! In addition, our teeth show clues about our health, stress levels, even illnesses we may have endured. Our teeth are like mini health diaries!

3. No two teeth are alike!
Like snowflakes, no two teeth are alike. In our lifetime we have a total of 52 teeth, 20 baby teeth and 32 permanent teeth that serve us in adulthood. Each tooth has its own unique size, shape, and profile and they vary widely from person to person. Your smile is unique to only you making it one-of-a-kind!

4. You have teeth the day you are born!
Though the teeth are not visible, when a baby is born the crowns of their teeth – all 20 of them – are present under the gums just waiting for the right time to burst through, usually by the age of 6 months. (Ouch!) As your child grows, so are the crowns and roots of the adult teeth that will serve them throughout their adult life.

5. Floss like a boss!
We have all heard it, “are you flossing”? Cleaning between your teeth is just as important as brushing. The surfaces between your teeth make up a significant part of tooth enamel. In order to maintain a healthy smile, it is imperative the enamel between teeth is cleaned making it harder for bacteria to grow.

Your teeth are amazing and unique to only you! Be sure to schedule regular checkups with your dentist ensuring your one-and-only smile stays amazing! Are you looking for a dentist in the Charlotte area, call Premier Dentist today.

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The Importance of Great Dental Habits For Your Children


Teaching your kids how to properly clean and take care of their teeth at a young at is extremely important for their oral health. Children’s teeth have an effect on everything including, their physical appearance, their diet, and even their speech. Damaged or missing teeth because of poor dental hygiene can limit the food your kids eat as well as alter facial features. Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC provides dental care for the entire family.

It’s usual to start seeing your child’s first tooth when they’re around six months and around three years old they should have a full mouth of pearly whites. From the ages of three to six is when your child will begin to lose their baby teeth. Once your children begin to get into their teenage years they will have 32 adult teeth. So caring for those teeth are extremely important considering those are the teeth that need to last them the rest of their life.

Keeping Good Dental Habits
One of the best treatment to keep good personal hygiene and prevent gum disease is by going to the dentist regularly for your child’s teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning is recommended to be done at least two times a year. The process of cleaning teeth will remove problem substances that cause tartar and plaque. Plaque will cause multiple problems such as cavities, periodontal disease, and gingivitis. With every regular check-up comes with your dentist cleaning your child’s teeth.

Throughout their pre-adolescent and teenage years, your children should establish incredible dental care routines. These habits will follow your children for the rest of their lives. Although it’s great to get your children on good oral hygiene, it’s recommended to schedule regular dental cleanings. Schedule your dental cleaning today with Premier Dentistry.


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A dental filling, are you feeling it?


Dental restorations have been around since the start of time. The materials have evolved over the years along with how your dentist treats dental decay. A dental filling is also referred to as a composite filling. Dr. Kevin Jalali at Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte offers quality dentistry including composite fillings.

Why do you need a filling?

Dental fillings are used to treat dental decay that does not take over the majority of tooth. Dental fillings can be very small or medium in size. Your dentist will take a x-ray and also check the tooth with a dental instrument to see if a dental filling is necessary.

When you receive a filling your dentist will make sure you are numb throughout the procedure. It’s important that all of the decay is removed. Once the decay is removed a composite filling is bonded into place. Your dentist will make sure that your bite feels as close to normal as possible before you leave. If after a few days your jaw is sore or you feel like your bite is off it’s important to have your dentist make a few minor adjustments.

At Premier Dentistry we take pride in educating our patients about the services being performed. If you have questions or would like to schedule your dental visit, please call today. We are proud to serve the South Charlotte community.

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Spring Cleaning & Your Dental Health


It’s that time of year where we are out with the old and in with the new. You may find yourself dusting and organizing as spring fast approaches. While keeping your house in tip top shape is great it’s also important to keep your oral health at it’s best as well.

So why is it important to have your teeth cleaned?

Not only does a cleaning take away those coffee and wine stains it also serves many purposes to help better your overall health. Plaque left on your teeth leads to tooth decay. As well know tooth decay can become painful and if left untreated can become costly. Tartar or calculus left under your gums can lead to periodontal disease and eventually possible loss of your teeth. You can decrease the likelihood of either of these two situations by regular dental cleanings.

When to schedule?

It is recommended to see your dentist every 6 months. At that time you will receive a cleaning and exam. Staying up to date on your dental health helps to fight tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Just like the a clean well organized home that everyone loves, we all the feeling of clean teeth and minty fresh breath. While in your in your organizational mood, pull out your planner or login into your Google calendar and call your dental office to schedule your dental cleaning.

If you are looking for a dental office to call your dental home, Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte is now accepting new patients. Call our office today or learn more here.

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Dental Implants 101


Missing teeth? Want a beautiful smile? Consider restoring your smile with dental implants! This amazing restorative option allows for comfort, stability, and can have life-changing results. Premier Dentistry is your local dental implant provider and would love to discuss options with you.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a metal post that is surgically inserted below the gum. Once implanted, the post becomes fused into the jaw bone allowing a crown, bridge, or denture to be placed. The result is a permanent tooth that allows you to eat, drink, and smile with ease. Best of all, dental implants never get cavities! Of course, regular dental appointments and care are needed to maintain the health of the implant.

Why should I choose a dental implant?
Often considered more reliable than other dental treatment options, dental implants have an extraordinarily high success rate. Due to the permanence of the post, the implant can securely hold a denture in place and even hold a bridge or crown for many, many years. Additionally, if you are only missing on tooth, dental implants offer the flexibility of replacing a single tooth rather than constructing a bridge for one tooth.

Interested in restoring your smile or replacing missing teeth? Consider a dental implant procedure. Call today and schedule a consult with Dr. Kevin Jalali of Premier Dentistry. Dr. Jalali is happy to assess your dental health to see if you are a candidate for this amazing dental treatment option.

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Root Canal, What You Need To Know


Years ago root canals for feared by patients. As technology has evolved and the need for improved patient education we are happy to inform our patients that root canal treatments are part of the daily services offered at Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

What is a root canal treatment?

The roots of your teeth are the place where the nerve is which serves as the blood supply to the tooth. The root can become damaged and/or infected needing treatment. What can cause the need for a root canal

• A deep cavity
• A cracked or fractured tooth
• Trauma to the tooth

When an infection occurs you will feel pain. This pain is typically what makes people seek dental treatment. You can take over the counter medication to try and subside the pain, but for the pain to go away the source of the problem must be treated.

A root canal treatment involves cleaning out the infection at the root of the tooth. Your dentist will make sure you are numb and comfortable. The nerve is gently removed from the tooth, the root cleaned thoroughly and a temporary filling placed in the tooth. The temporary filling has a calming agent and will be removed and replaced with a permanent filling in 10 -14 days. During that time it is suggested that the tooth receive a crown. Since the blood supply has been removed from the tooth, the tooth is fragile and could easily break. A dental crown placed on the tooth will be help to provide stability and help ensure the longevity of the tooth.

If you think you may need a root canal, don’t wait call your dental provider today. A dental infection is serious and should be treated promptly. If you do not have a dental provider and are looking for one in the Charlotte area call Premier Dentistry today and schedule your visit.

Dental Crowns


As a dental patient, at some point in your lifetime, you may be recommended a dental crown. When your dentist gives you the news that you need a crown, a couple questions might arise, what does this mean and why was this treatment recommended to me?

A dental crown, also known as a ‘cap’, helps restore a tooth to a functioning shape and size for a more natural looking appearance. You may have been recommended this treatment if you have a broken tooth, a cavity, a crack in the tooth, or a tooth that has previously had a rout canal treatment. This restorative treatment not only strengthens and provides the function to the tooth but it also makes your smile and tooth more appealing to the eye.

The dental crown procedure is typically a two-step process. Patients will usually have the first appointment where the tooth is prepped, an impression is created and then the patient will leave with a temporary crown. After waiting around 10-14 days you would then return to the office to have the permanent crown placed. Premier Dentistry offers dental crowns and to make things better, our Cerec Dentistry services allow for same day dentistry to you get back to the things that are most important!

If your dentist recommends getting a crown don’t be afraid to ask questions, your dental provider can usually provide you with reasoning along with photos and your dental xray. While you have your temporary crown make sure you understand to do’s and don’ts. Most importantly don’t forget to schedule your appointment to have your permanent crown cemented.

Dental crown treatments are very effective. If you think that you may need a crown or are looking for a dental provider, call our office today 704-544-8860.

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