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How Laughing Gas Is Great For Those With Dental Anxiety


If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone. There are thousands of people who have some form of dental anxiety. At Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC we offer many of our patients patients what is commonly referred to as laughing gas, or nitrous oxide.

What is nitrous oxide?
Nitrous oxide is a chemical compound that is a safe sedative agent in the dental setting. It is delivered through a mask placed over your nose. Qualified dental professionals regulate the combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. It works quickly and is easily reversible.

What are the advantages to using nitrous oxide?
• No after effects
• The ease of controlling the depth of the sedation
• Calming effects can be felt in as little as 2-3 minutes

While nitrous oxide is not for everyone many people use nitrous oxide for long dental procedures and even routine dental appointments. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from seeing your dentist regularly. If you suffer from dental anxiety nitrous oxide may be a great sedation procedure your dentist may offer. If you are looking for a dental provider in the Charlotte area feel free to give our office a call at 704.544.8860, Dr. Kevin Jalali and his team look forward to providing excellent dental care to you, your family and friends.

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Dental Emergency

dental emergency treatment charlotte

If you’re in pain, don’t wait, give Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC a call today.

When you have dental pain, minutes seem like hours. You can’t wait a day or more to schedule a regular appointment. You need relief now. Our emergency dentistry team is committed to doing everything we can to get you out of pain fast. We’re ready to quickly identify the source and help you receive the right treatment option for you.
Call today and our experienced dental team will make every effort to make an appointment for you during our normal business hours.

Do I Need Emergency Dentistry?

We treat sudden symptoms and conditions like:
• Extreme dental pain or throbbing
• Severe infection (Abscess)
• Chipped or cracked tooth
• Slight trauma
• Damaged crown
• Toothache

What Can I Expect During an Emergency Dentistry Appointment?

When you arrive, you’ll be treated with compassion at Premier Dentistry. We realize it’s difficult to talk and interact when you’re in pain.

We’ll get you back to see Dr. Kevin Jalali quickly.

The dentist will diagnose your condition. They’ll then recommend a treatment plan and explain your options. You make the decision that’s right for you. The dentist will provide the agreed upon emergency treatment. In most cases, we can work you in for treatment same day.

You’ll then receive information regarding any needed followup, prescriptions or ongoing treatment needs.

What If I’m A New Patient?

We treat every patient with the care they need. If you’re a new patient, be prepared to be amazed by the speed and care you’ll receive from our dedicated team. We hope you’ll choose to make Premier Dentistry your new dental home.
Schedule an Appointment Now by calling 704.544-8860.

Don’t wait any longer. You can find relief and long-term solutions to help prevent further dental emergencies. Schedule an appointment now with Premier Dentistry, we accept most major dental insurances.

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What Is Periodontal Maintenance?


It’s important if you have been diagnosed to have a periodontal maintenance cleaning done to understand what that means. At Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC we believe strongly in educating our patients.

Patients who have great home care, no bone loss, do not have bleeding during the evaluation and healthy gums are seen in the dental setting every 6 months. Patients who do not display this standard of health have gone through a deep cleaning at some point. After the deep cleaning these patients are placed on a more frequent cleaning schedule either every 3 or 4 months.

During your perio maintenance visit here is what the hygienist will be doing:

• removal of tartar both below and above the gum line
• evaluating the health of your gums
• removal of plaque and disruption of the bacteria that causes gum disease

To help prevent the progression of periodontal disease it is vital that you keep all of your routine dental visits. While periodontal disease can not be reversed it can be maintained. If you have questions about the difference between a periodontal maintenance cleaning and regular prophy, please ask your hygienist at your next visit. At Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC we want all of our patients to be educated on their recommended treatment. Call 704.544.8860 today to schedule your visit.

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Dental Insurance & The End Of The Year


The busy holiday season is sneaking up on us and with all of the activities many patients wait to schedule their dental appointments. While the end of the year is a few months away it’s important to remember to use your dental benefits.

Did you know that many dental benefits start over at the beginning of the year? While this does sound like great news, don’t forget that you may lose what benefits you have not used for this year when the new year rolls around. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have $1500 in dental benefits for each calendar year. You have used $400 in those dental benefits so far. Your remaining benefits are $1100. At the end of the year the $1100 worth of dental coverage in 99% of cases will not roll over.

What does this mean for you?

If your dental provider has planned treatment needs for you, why not use those benefits? Many patients remember to use their benefits in December when most dental practices are at their busiest times. We suggest to take care of all dental needs as fast as you can. Addressing dental issues when they are small helps to prevent those issues or treatment into growing into bigger needs. It also helps to ensure that you can be seen in a timely manner.

As the busy months approach don’t forget to schedule your dental appointments. If you are looking for a great dentist in the South Charlotte area Premier Dentistry is now accepting new patients. Have a question about your dental benefits, our skilled dental team members are happy to help. Learn more about our practice here

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Why Do We Choose Veneers

veneers charlotte dentist

Veneers are one of the leading cosmetic dental procedures available. They bring both amazing cosmetic results but also serve as dental treatment for many.

Combining the beauty of porcelain along with the capability to bond. Many men and women are immediately attracted to these porcelain coverings because veneers are not only very beautiful, thin, strong, and durable, they can be bonded to teeth. 

More reasons to fall in love with veneers include the fact that these customized porcelain veneers can simulate a patient’s natural enamel. While many patients are born with diastema’s (natural spacing between teeth) — it’s simply something that just happens. With veneers, those gaps can be easily covered giving patients much more confidence in their smiles. Veneers are also beneficial in enhancing a fuller smile for patients who are born with small teeth vs. the other option of trying to achieve this with braces.

Because of a desire for whiter teeth and a celebrity smile, many people have tried to whiten their teeth without much success. There are times when whitening may not bring the desired results such as, if a tooth has a filling or specific stain types that whitening will not alter.

The shades of veneers are customized to match your adjacent teeth. This customization process also allows to allow the patient to whiten their teeth prior to the shade selection of the veneers. The veneers are then matched to the bleached teeth for a continuous white smile.

Are you considering veneers? Schedule your consult with Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC and discuss your options of porcelain veneers.

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Making The Most Out Of Dentures

dentures premier dentistry charlotte nc

With dentures, people who have lost the use of their teeth, can regain the abilities they once had with a set of healthy teeth. The benefits are numerous and immediate. Helping our patients regain these benefits is a top priority for Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

One of the best things about dentures is that while a set of unhealthy teeth can greatly restrict the foods you can eat, dentures allow you to eat a much wider range of foods. However, it is important to remember that there is an adjustment period that comes with getting dentures, so to start out with, it’s better to stick with the foods that are the most denture-friendly. Start out with softer foods, and avoid things that are sticky or have a tendency to get stuck in between your teeth. Also, reintroduce raw vegetables slowly, and opt for a blended smoothie instead.

As you become more accustomed to your dentures you’ll find that you can eat a wide range of your favorite foods. Also, while you were dealing with a set of unhealthy teeth, it was likely you were also facing damaged nerves in your mouth. Now that you have dentures, your dentist will be able to fully address those issues, meaning that you’ll be able to reduce sensitivity. Enjoy cold and hot food and beverages once again!
While a set of dentures does require regular cleaning just as natural teeth do, being able to remove the prosthetic teeth ensures that you’ll easily be able to get the teeth fully clean every time. Today’s dentures allow for adjustments so it will fit your mouth perfectly, allowing for more natural and comfortable speech once you have become fully accustomed to your new teeth.

Advancements in technology has allowed for dentures that both fit better and look more natural than ever, which means that once you receive a new pair, you’ll instantly feel more confident in your smile. If you’ve had missing teeth, a full set of prosthetic teeth creates a much more youthful and healthy appearance. Are you looking to regain your beautiful smile and get back to enjoying foods, call our office today in South Charlotte to schedule your dental visit 704.544.8860



Making the Most of Your Dentures

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A Chipped Tooth, What You Need To Know

tooth repair charlotte nc

A chipped tooth is a common dental concern that most patients will face at some point in their life. Children fall, adults bite into something just right and the outcome is a chipped tooth. A chipped tooth can happen at any age and the severity of the chip will be a huge factor in the recommended dental treatment.

A very small chip and your dental provider may recommend just watching the area. Don’t be surprised if an x-ray is taken to help diagnosis the severity of the chip. If the chip is a result of trauma such as a fall it is important to make sure the root of the tooth was not damaged.

How Can A Chipped Tooth Be Fixed?

If the chip is small, a desensitizing agent may be applied to the area to help with sensitivity as your dental provider makes note to keep watch over the tooth during your dental checkups. Often times dental bonding can fill the area with great results in making the tooth look like the chip never happened. Dental bonding is matched to the natural tooth color with pretty amazing results. If the chip is larger a crown may be recommended. The treatment will be determined by the size of the chip. With a larger portion of the tooth missing a crown will provide protection, structure and aesthetics back to the tooth.

It is important to have a chipped tooth checked by a dental professional. With the advancement in dental materials you will find great results. If you are looking for a caring and professional dental office in the South Charlotte area please give our office a call, Premier Dentistry located in Charlotte, NC.

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What Does A Dental Deep Cleaning Mean?

deep cleaning

If you’ve missed a few dental appointments and your dentist recommends a deep cleaning, you may think your teeth need to be cleaned extra thoroughly. However, a deep cleaning has little to do with your teeth – it’s actually about care of your gums and bone loss prevention (which regular cleanings also help to prevent).

Deep cleaning is a process performed by a dental hygienist. First, the hygienist will work to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth as well as the spaces between the tooth and gums. Those spaces, known as pockets, create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, so it is important to keep them free of any debris. Deep cleaning is usually recommended when a patient has pockets that have grown too deep.

The hygienist will also smooth the root of your tooth to make the surface less hospitable to plaque and tartar. In the dental world, this is called “root planing.” In certain cases, antibiotics may be applied behind the gums to prevent bacteria from coming back while the area heals.

If you need a deep cleaning, our skilled dental hygienists at Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC will explain the procedure and make sure you are comfortable during your cleaning. Your hygienist may use ultrasonic tools in addition to standard dental instruments. Afterwards, you teeth and gums may be a little sensitive for a few days. However, you will recover quickly and have a much lower risk of advanced gum disease – you’ll be glad you did it!

You can schedule your dental exam by calling our office at 704.544.8860. Don’t put off your dental cleaning another day!


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Have You Flossed Today?


If you haven’t already made flossing a daily habit today is the day to start. Check out why Premier Dentistry recommends daily flossing.

Have you ever felt as though food debris were stuck in between two of your teeth? That feeling can drive you crazy as well as make the gums very uncomfortable. Just imagine what the food debris and particles left there can do to the teeth. While brushing is necessary and recommended at least twice a day, done alone it will not provide the best cleaning.

The places where the gums and teeth meet are where flossing has the biggest impact. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), interdental cleaners such as floss are an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums. Food debris and plaque are often trapped in these very places. If left the process for tooth decay begins and gingivitis, the initial stage of gum disease, can set in. Gingivitis is characterized by red, swollen gums.

Flossing should be done with ease making sure to not “pop” the floss. Remember flossing is meant to improve your oral health not damage your gums. There are many flossing devices on the market. We suggest finding the one that works best for you.

While it is a widely discussed question to floss or brush first let’s not forget the severity of just getting the job done!

Not only is it recommended to floss daily and brush at least twice a day, but it is important to have a minimum of 2 dental cleanings and exams a year. Are you looking for a great dentist in the South Charlotte area, contact Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC today!

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Root Canals, Getting To The Root Of The Problem


We get it, root canals have been given a bad name over the years. Premier Dentistry understands that many patients have dental anxiety which is why our office in South Charlotte provides a calm and relaxing dental environment.

What is the real problem?

The root canal is not what is painful instead it’s the infection that caused the need for a root canal that can be uncomfortable. Root canals are recommended when a tooth has received trauma, it is heavily decayed or an infection is found with a x-ray. Pain is associated with the infection and often times a small puss filled abscess can be noted near the root of the tooth. It is not uncommon for your treating dentist to prescribe antibiotics prior to the root canal treatment. Don’t be mistaken by thinking antibiotics will be your long term treatment option. While any pain associated with the infected tooth should subside with the use of antibiotics if a root canal is not completed the infection can come back along with the pain.

The root canal treatment removes the bacteria and infected pulp from the tooth chamber. After the completion of the root canal your treating dentist will recommend a crown to be placed on the tooth. Without a crown to cover the treated tooth the risk for the tooth to break is high.

Don’t let the words root canal keep you from seeing your dentist. Our gentle approach for treating our patients helps to reduce dental anxiety. Call today to schedule your consult with Dr. Kevin Jalali of Premier Dentistry.

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