A Chipped Tooth, What You Need To Know

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A chipped tooth is a common dental concern that most patients will face at some point in their life. Children fall, adults bite into something just right and the outcome is a chipped tooth. A chipped tooth can happen at any age and the severity of the chip will be a huge factor in the recommended dental treatment.

A very small chip and your dental provider may recommend just watching the area. Don’t be surprised if an x-ray is taken to help diagnosis the severity of the chip. If the chip is a result of trauma such as a fall it is important to make sure the root of the tooth was not damaged.

How Can A Chipped Tooth Be Fixed?

If the chip is small, a desensitizing agent may be applied to the area to help with sensitivity as your dental provider makes note to keep watch over the tooth during your dental checkups. Often times dental bonding can fill the area with great results in making the tooth look like the chip never happened. Dental bonding is matched to the natural tooth color with pretty amazing results. If the chip is larger a crown may be recommended. The treatment will be determined by the size of the chip. With a larger portion of the tooth missing a crown will provide protection, structure and aesthetics back to the tooth.

It is important to have a chipped tooth checked by a dental professional. With the advancement in dental materials you will find great results. If you are looking for a caring and professional dental office in the South Charlotte area please give our office a call, Premier Dentistry located in Charlotte, NC.