A dental filling, are you feeling it?


Dental restorations have been around since the start of time. The materials have evolved over the years along with how your dentist treats dental decay. A dental filling is also referred to as a composite filling. Dr. Kevin Jalali at Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte offers quality dentistry including composite fillings.

Why do you need a filling?

Dental fillings are used to treat dental decay that does not take over the majority of tooth. Dental fillings can be very small or medium in size. Your dentist will take a x-ray and also check the tooth with a dental instrument to see if a dental filling is necessary.

When you receive a filling your dentist will make sure you are numb throughout the procedure. It’s important that all of the decay is removed. Once the decay is removed a composite filling is bonded into place. Your dentist will make sure that your bite feels as close to normal as possible before you leave. If after a few days your jaw is sore or you feel like your bite is off it’s important to have your dentist make a few minor adjustments.

At Premier Dentistry we take pride in educating our patients about the services being performed. If you have questions or would like to schedule your dental visit, please call today. We are proud to serve the South Charlotte community.