A Whiter Brighter Smile Awaits!

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Having a whiter brighter smile is an achievable goal for many. Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC is proud to offer a variety of dental whitening services to our patients.

Teeth whitening is a great way to boost your confidence and show off your smile. The process is achievable with Zoom Whitening. Zoom whitening takes approximately 1 hr to complete. Before your procedure an assessment is done by your dental provider to make sure you are a candidate for teeth whitening. Your dental professional will walk you through the fast and pain free whitening system.

What causes staining of the teeth?

There are two types of stain, extrinsic and intrinsic. Staining on the outside of the teeth is from things like coffee, red wine, some foods that we eat and smoking. Staining that occurs on the inside of the teeth cannot be corrected by the typical whitening process. These stains are commonly from certain medications.

After you receive the Phillips Zoom Whitening treatment it is recommended to avoid those things that can cause staining of the teeth. You may also want to whiten in a few months for a day or two to bring back your bright smile.

Lots of patients love the Zoom Whitening especially those that are looking to achieve a whiter brighter smile fast. If you are interested in the Phillips Zoom Whitening schedule your consult today by calling Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC .

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