April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month

oral cancer awareness

April is oral cancer awareness month and like any type of cancer awareness is key to early diagnosis. Oral Cancer is cancer that develops anywhere in the mouth. It appears as a sore or growth that doesn’t disappear. If it’s not treated early it could be life-threatening. Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC wants to educate you on some of the risks, symptoms, preventions, and treatment options for oral cancer.

Risk Factors:
Your risks might be increased if you: smoke or chew tobacco, drink an excessive amount of alcohol, are older than 55, have a certain type of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), have a weakened immune system caused by certain medications, have a specific inherited condition of the blood, are exposed to sunlight for long periods, have lichen planus, or have GVHD.

Symptoms could include: losing your voice for a long amount of time (hoarseness), a lump appearing that can be felt inside the mouth or on the neck, white or red patches on your mouth lining, tongue, or lips, difficulty or pain when chewing, speaking, or swallowing.

Oral Cancer is an easily preventable disease and if caught early, treatable. A few ways you can prevent oral cancer is avoiding the use of tobacco, limiting alcohol, using lip balm with SPF, and trying to stay out of the sun.
If you think that you may have oral cancer, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC or your local dentist about an oral cancer screening.

Oral cancer screenings are routinely done at your routine dental visit checkups. If you have a symptom or area of concern please bring it to the attention of your dentist.

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