Dental Bridge Or Implant

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There are two common options to replace missing teeth, and advantages to each. Consider these when making your decision:

Dental Bridge

A bridge is a partial fixed denture with two or more artificial teeth. The teeth on each side of the missing tooth are used to hold the bridge in place. Those adjacent teeth are prepped, covered with a dental crown, which are then attached to the bridge.

A dental bridge is the least invasive and depending on your specific case the least expense option; however, it also depends on the health of the supporting teeth. Gum disease, tooth decay or chips or cracks may require additional treatments before those teeth are strong enough to be used with the bridge.

With proper oral hygiene, a bridge will last many years, as long as the supporting teeth remain healthy.

Dental Implant

The dental implant is a short titanium rod which is inserted in the jawbone. It serves as the “root” of the replacement tooth. The surrounding bone tissue grows and fuses with the rod and cements it in place forming a secure base for the crown.

When a tooth is extracted or lost, the bone that used to hold it in place shrinks away. If there are several missing teeth, you will likely notice a visual change in the shape of your mouth and jaw. Implants can help maintain the bone structure, which means the jaw shape will remain fuller and more natural. A dental bridge has no benefit to preserving the bone.

Implants are not susceptible to decay but do require proper routine dental care. Over the course of a lifetime, they may prove to be more cost-effective because dental implants tend to last much longer.

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