Digital X-Rays In The Dental Office

charlotte dentist digital x-rays

The use of x-rays in form of medicine are essential for accurate diagnostics. X-rays have helped advance the dental world and helped reduce the guessing game. There are many pros to digital x-rays and Premier Dentistry of Charlotte, NC is proud to offer this great diagnostic tool to it’s patients.

How digital x-rays outweigh traditional x-rays

• Reduction of radiation exposure
• The ability to enhance the x-ray for clarity
• Ease of transmission of the x-ray between referring offices
• Ease of transmission to insurance companies
• Reduction in waste

Digital x-rays reduce exposure of radiation to patients up to 80 percent when compared to film x-ray systems. This allows for a safer environment for both the patients and operators. Another important benefit to digital x-rays is the ability to enhance the x-ray for diagnostic reasons. These enhancements from the software systems do not change or alter the the diagnostics, but allow the practiconer or dentist to more accurately diagnosis.

There are times in the dental office when a patient is referred to a specialist. The ability to transfer x-rays between referring offices is another benefit that has come with the advancement of digitial x-rays.

Providing cutting edge technology is what Premier Dentistry of Charlotte, NC prides itself in. Our goal is to provide the best dental care we can & that means staying up to date on the latest in technology and diagnostic tools. We look forward to providing dental care to you, your family and friends. Click here to request an appointment.