Don’t be sensitive; your teeth that is.

sensitive teeth

Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of cold water on a warm day or a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning? If you suffer from sensitive teeth you may be avoiding certain foods or drinks. Sensitive teeth are fairly common. Read about the causes of sensitive teeth and the best ways to handle it.

There are several reason you may be suffering from hypersensitivity. Some common factors are:

– Cavities
– Fractures in the tooth
– Leaking fillings
– Exposed tooth roots
– Worn down enamel

What causes the sensitivity? The outer layer of the tooth is called enamel. The enamel offers protection of extreme temperatures and protects the tooth from decay reaching the root. When the enamel is compromised sensitivity is found. The severity of the sensitivity varies from person to person. If you are suffering from hypersensitivity it is best to have your treating dentist evaluate your needs.

What can be done?

Your dentist may recommend a desensitizing toothpaste. Depending on your case he/she may recommend a prescription toothpaste. Fluoride also helps with sensitivity. Your dentist may recommend a fluoride gel. Crowns, inlays and bonding are used to treat decay and also cover exposed root surfaces. In some cases, decay has reached the root which will likely need a root canal.

There are ways to manage and treat hypersensitivity of the teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, please feel free to inform Dr. Jalali at your next dental appointment or schedule a visit today. As always it is recommended to contact your dental care provider for any and all dental problems you may be experiencing.