Laughing Gas For Dental Anxiety

Laughing Gas

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Thousands of people have some form of dental anxiety. Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC offers nitrous oxide commonly referred to as laughing gas for those patients with dental anxiety.

Nitrous oxide helps to relax many patients. It is delivered through a small nose piece, is colorless and has a slight sweet taste. Nitrous oxide has been used to help accommodate patients during medical and dental procedures for many years.

Nitrous oxide works quickly and once turned off leaves the body quickly as well. It is a safe and effective way to allow many patients to relax during their dental procedures. Some patients need nitrous oxide for in depth dental treatment while others need the calming effects for routine dental care.

There are several advantages to using nitrous oxide including:
• The ability to control the depth of sedation easily
• No after effects
• Calming effects can be felt in as little as 2-3 minutes

Don’t let your dental anxiety keep you from avoiding the dental treatment you need. For more information on nitrous oxide please visit If you think nitrous oxide may be something to help with your dental anxiety please contact our office, Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte today.