Root Canal, What You Need To Know


Years ago root canals for feared by patients. As technology has evolved and the need for improved patient education we are happy to inform our patients that root canal treatments are part of the daily services offered at Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

What is a root canal treatment?

The roots of your teeth are the place where the nerve is which serves as the blood supply to the tooth. The root can become damaged and/or infected needing treatment. What can cause the need for a root canal

• A deep cavity
• A cracked or fractured tooth
• Trauma to the tooth

When an infection occurs you will feel pain. This pain is typically what makes people seek dental treatment. You can take over the counter medication to try and subside the pain, but for the pain to go away the source of the problem must be treated.

A root canal treatment involves cleaning out the infection at the root of the tooth. Your dentist will make sure you are numb and comfortable. The nerve is gently removed from the tooth, the root cleaned thoroughly and a temporary filling placed in the tooth. The temporary filling has a calming agent and will be removed and replaced with a permanent filling in 10 -14 days. During that time it is suggested that the tooth receive a crown. Since the blood supply has been removed from the tooth, the tooth is fragile and could easily break. A dental crown placed on the tooth will be help to provide stability and help ensure the longevity of the tooth.

If you think you may need a root canal, don’t wait call your dental provider today. A dental infection is serious and should be treated promptly. If you do not have a dental provider and are looking for one in the Charlotte area call Premier Dentistry today and schedule your visit.