Root Canals, Getting To The Root Of The Problem


We get it, root canals have been given a bad name over the years. Premier Dentistry understands that many patients have dental anxiety which is why our office in South Charlotte provides a calm and relaxing dental environment.

What is the real problem?

The root canal is not what is painful instead it’s the infection that caused the need for a root canal that can be uncomfortable. Root canals are recommended when a tooth has received trauma, it is heavily decayed or an infection is found with a x-ray. Pain is associated with the infection and often times a small puss filled abscess can be noted near the root of the tooth. It is not uncommon for your treating dentist to prescribe antibiotics prior to the root canal treatment. Don’t be mistaken by thinking antibiotics will be your long term treatment option. While any pain associated with the infected tooth should subside with the use of antibiotics if a root canal is not completed the infection can come back along with the pain.

The root canal treatment removes the bacteria and infected pulp from the tooth chamber. After the completion of the root canal your treating dentist will recommend a crown to be placed on the tooth. Without a crown to cover the treated tooth the risk for the tooth to break is high.

Don’t let the words root canal keep you from seeing your dentist. Our gentle approach for treating our patients helps to reduce dental anxiety. Call today to schedule your consult with Dr. Kevin Jalali of Premier Dentistry.