Take Control Of Your Oral Health

Kevin Jalali DDS

At Premier Dentistry in South Charlotte we know first impressions are important, and that first impression is often formed by your smile. Many factors can affect your smile, and most of them are within your control. We have put together some tips on how you can take control of your oral health.

• Watch what you drink. The good news is that many people are more health conscious in terms of exercising, but sports drinks and bottled water are a mixed blessing. Many sports drinks are high in acids and sugars, which can cause tooth erosion. Tap water typically contains fluoride, which protects teeth from decay; most bottled water does not contain the recommended amount of floride, so using floridated toothpaste and mouthwash helps bridge the gap.
Both red and white wines can stain your teeth, and the acidity in wine can harm the tooth enamel. Avoid this effect by taking small sips, and rinse with water after your last glass. In addition to wine, black tea and coffee also contain tannin. These stain-producing molecules lodges in the tooth enamel which can retain bacteria leading to decay. Limit your intake, drink more water, and consider adding milk to your tea or coffee.
The sugar in soft drinks puts you at a risk for tooth decay and gum infections, not to mention staining from dark colas. Drink soda through a straw, and rinse with water or chew sugar-free gum to lessen the impact to your teeth.
One important note: Don’t reach for your toothbrush immediately after you enjoy your favorite soda, wine, coffee, etc. because the brushing can cause erosion. It’s recommended that you wait an hour before brushing.
• The dangers of smoking are well documented, and it’s no surprise that smoking yellows teeth. But even worse, the tar from tobacco creates a sticky film on teeth which can lead to gum inflammation, tooth decay, and tooth loss.
• Diet pills, and many other medications, cause dry mouth by decreasing the production of saliva. Dry mouth can lead tooth decay and gum disease. Drink plenty of water, chew sugar-free gum, and see your dentist if the problem is more severe.
• Pregnancy causes hormonal changes which can cause inflammation of the gums. Birth control pills, because they mimic pregnancy, can also lead to gum issues. Talk with your dentist before any dental procedures to lessen your risk of infection.

Being aware of the effects of what you eat and drink is the first step in protecting your oral health. The rest is up to you! Premier Dentistry provides dental care to the entire family. Our goal is keep your oral health at it’s best. Schedule your visit at our convenient South Charlotte office today.