The Truth About Dry Mouth

Charlotte Dentist

Xerostomia also referred to as dry mouth is common for many dental patients. Our goal at Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC is to educate our patients and provide the best dental care. Learn more about dry mouth, the causes & how to treat it.

Dry mouth increases the risk of dental decay, tooth sensitivity, demineralization of the teeth and more. Dry mouth is commonly found in those suffering from Sjogren disease, those receiving radiation therapy and a common side effect for many medications. The severity of the dry mouth can vary but it’s important to find ways to cope.

Many medications can cause dry mouth including antidepressants, antihistamines, antihypertensive medications and more. It’s important to ready all of the side effects of your medications and take every step to keep your oral health at its best.

There are things that you can do if you suffer from dry mouth to help cope and keep your dental health great. Some of those suggestions include:

• Chewing sugarless gum
• Avoiding salty or spicy foods
• Using a humidifier at night
• Avoid caffeine

At Premier Dentistry we believe strongly in preventative care. It is important to floss daily, brush gently twice a day and have dental cleanings at least 2 x’s a year. At your dental appointment please make sure you let your dental professional know all medications you are taking and if you are experiencing dry mouth.