What Does A Dental Deep Cleaning Mean?

deep cleaning

If you’ve missed a few dental appointments and your dentist recommends a deep cleaning, you may think your teeth need to be cleaned extra thoroughly. However, a deep cleaning has little to do with your teeth – it’s actually about care of your gums and bone loss prevention (which regular cleanings also help to prevent).

Deep cleaning is a process performed by a dental hygienist. First, the hygienist will work to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth as well as the spaces between the tooth and gums. Those spaces, known as pockets, create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, so it is important to keep them free of any debris. Deep cleaning is usually recommended when a patient has pockets that have grown too deep.

The hygienist will also smooth the root of your tooth to make the surface less hospitable to plaque and tartar. In the dental world, this is called “root planing.” In certain cases, antibiotics may be applied behind the gums to prevent bacteria from coming back while the area heals.

If you need a deep cleaning, our skilled dental hygienists at Premier Dentistry in Charlotte, NC will explain the procedure and make sure you are comfortable during your cleaning. Your hygienist may use ultrasonic tools in addition to standard dental instruments. Afterwards, you teeth and gums may be a little sensitive for a few days. However, you will recover quickly and have a much lower risk of advanced gum disease – you’ll be glad you did it!

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