Why Do We Choose Veneers

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Veneers are one of the leading cosmetic dental procedures available. They bring both amazing cosmetic results but also serve as dental treatment for many.

Combining the beauty of porcelain along with the capability to bond. Many men and women are immediately attracted to these porcelain coverings because veneers are not only very beautiful, thin, strong, and durable, they can be bonded to teeth. 

More reasons to fall in love with veneers include the fact that these customized porcelain veneers can simulate a patient’s natural enamel. While many patients are born with diastema’s (natural spacing between teeth) — it’s simply something that just happens. With veneers, those gaps can be easily covered giving patients much more confidence in their smiles. Veneers are also beneficial in enhancing a fuller smile for patients who are born with small teeth vs. the other option of trying to achieve this with braces.

Because of a desire for whiter teeth and a celebrity smile, many people have tried to whiten their teeth without much success. There are times when whitening may not bring the desired results such as, if a tooth has a filling or specific stain types that whitening will not alter.

The shades of veneers are customized to match your adjacent teeth. This customization process also allows to allow the patient to whiten their teeth prior to the shade selection of the veneers. The veneers are then matched to the bleached teeth for a continuous white smile.

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