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Dr. Jalali and his family have been living in Charlotte, North Carolina for over 15 years and he has been practicing dentistry since 2012. Dr. Jalali is married to a native Charlottean (rare these days!), and they both live in South Charlotte, very close to his office.

Dr. Jalali loves seeing his patients outside the office when he is taking part in community events, shopping, and eating at nearby restaurants.

Dr. Jalali became interested in dentistry when he was an intern at a dental office in Charlotte, back in 2004. He realized that dentistry combines all of his favorite subjects and skills in one place: art, health/medicine, and engineering. Growing up he worked on wooden models of cars, animals, etc. that required a keen eye for details, working with small tools and a lot of patience! His artistic side often showed itself in art and painting classes. When he was in 5th grade, his teacher asked him to reproduce a painting in front of an entire group of teachers and the school principal, because they could not believe an elementary school student could draw such an amazing picture. Later, when he took a painting class in college, all of his paintings were purchased by his classmates at the end of the semester. So, if you want a dentist who pays attention to details, look no further.

Dr. Jalali received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he met his wife. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Dr. Jalali continued his graduate education at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry where he attained his D.D.S. degree from one of the most prestigious and well respected dental schools in the country.

He attends numerous local and nationally recognized continuing education classes and seminars to keep his skills and knowledge up to date with the safest and latest dental techniques and treatments. He is an active member of several study clubs including the South Charlotte Study Club.

Dr. Jalali and his team at Premier Dentistry take great pride in providing a variety of dental treatment options to patients of all ages. Not only do we strive to educate our patients about the importance of oral health and treating their dental needs, but we also make sure our patients feel welcomed, comfortable and relaxed at our office. 

Dr. Jalali is an active member of the South Charlotte community and has been a proud sponsor of the South Charlotte Recreation Association, and several local athletic teams since 2012.

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Some fun facts about Dr. Jalali:

Dr. Jalali loves animals, nature,and outdoor activities. He loves to garden and has a wide range of rose bushes. He enjoys watching TV shows about health, history, nature and astrophysics. Some of his favorite TV shows include: Game of Thrones, The Office, Seinfeld, Better Call Saul, and Walking Dead.

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Our Philosophy: 

“At Premier Dentistry, we work side by side with our patients, helping them improve their quality of life by improving their oral and overall health. Our patients choose us because they see and feel the great quality of care they receive from our team. We believe dentistry should be done for patients not on them. We work with our patients and adjust to their needs and desires. This is why our patients love coming to the dentist, and are not shy about showing off their beautiful healthy smiles to everyone.”   – Dr. Jalali